3 Questions with Brenda Speirs, Buzztag


Brenda Speirs is the Founder and CEO of Buzztag which specializes in “epic swag for fearless brands.” We asked Brenda to share with us her thoughts around how epic swag can make people feel grateful.

1. Can you talk about the role that promotional items play in telling our customers, employees, prospects, and friends that we are grateful for them?

It’s important to differentiate between giving ‘stuff’ and gifting gratitude. When looking to show your gratitude and appreciation to your audience you don’t want to check a box off on your to-do list and give them something that will just end up being ‘brand fill’. The money you spend is valuable and you want to choose items that show you paid attention to who they are and what they like. That you’re choosing a gift that helps create a lasting bond with them, leading to more buzz, more business, and more love. When you choose to give branded merchandise it creates a long lasting impression. How did you make that person FEEL when you gave it to them? You’re also giving them something they can use to show their pride in and love for your brand.

2. Can you share an example of how a promotional item positively impacted the recipient?

My favorite example is the Buzztag journals that we’ve done over the years. We intentionally chose REALLY NICE journals that we knew people would hang on to and use for their most valued projects. I’m a bit of a paper snob – so the paper always has to be spot on. I commonly have people reach out to me, or share on social, how much those journals have meant to them over the years. I recently had someone show me their fifteen-year-old journal that’s still in use! Sending someone a gift card would have been fleeting. These journals have continued to make people feel good and solidified the Buzztag ethos all these years later.

3. What trends are you seeing in how companies can express their gratitude to others?

Sustainability, Eco-Friendliness and Commitment to Planet and People are at the top of the list
Brand Name goods – definitely no ‘trinkets-and-trash’ items
Gifting items that promote health and wellness
Work from anywhere products that support remote or hybrid employees hold a tremendous amount of value. Products can help employees stay productive, comfortable, and connected while working from home or anywhere else.
Event giveaways that create excitement, engagement, and connection with attendees. For in-person events, look at your overall budget and limit the number you’re giving. Choose a really cool item that will create a buzz; you want to be where people get the cool merch… and when you run out, you run out. They’ll be sure to come find you first next time! You want people to feel appreciated for taking the time out to see YOU over anyone else.
Client gifts that can be used in the home. Kitchen items are always at the top of the list for something inexpensive, yet still thoughtful. Or a blanket, wireless charging station, yard games or a picnic tote are always appreciated.

Photos credit: Buzztag


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