How To Land Your Dream Speaking Gig Tip #2: Find the Right Event


As a prospective speaker, make sure the event is as much of a fit for you as you are for it. Each event will have its own atmosphere, personalities, audience, and experience. Think about:

  • What is the audience profile?
  • Is it technical or non-technical?
  • Formal or informal?
  • Who has spoken in the past? What is their title and level of experience?

Research events from an attendee’s perspective. You’ll be able to identify opportunities and events that align with your personality, messaging and vision.

From there, it’s up to you to find out how they program their conferences. Look for a “Call for Speakers” or “Submissions” section on event websites. Check their social media for updates and announcements. Lastly, see if you can find the head of programming for the event and contact them to learn more about specific opportunities and the best avenue to pitch your content.

Speaking at events – whether in-person or virtually – shows you are a thought leader. Speaking gives you credibility, can help you grow your business, find new employees (or be recruited yourself), expand your industry contacts, result in media coverage, and provide a platform for your compelling content. In this blog series we will be sharing excerpts from our recent eBook “7 Tips to Land Your Dream Speaking Gig”.

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