How To Land Your Dream Speaking Gig Tip #5: Invite Your Community


One of the challenges of engaging narratives is that too often we find that we aren’t necessarily the right person to tell the story. Maybe your perspective is valid, interesting and engaging, but the nuances of the topic demand an alternative view or a devil’s advocate to truly open the discussion for the audience.

You have an opportunity to open your platform to the greater community and invite a few of your brightest colleagues, customers, and partners to join the discussion.

At Remix we regularly program session ideas such as a standing-room only session we placed at SXSW that featured Adobe and Oculus. Panels with different viewpoints are appealing to conference organizers and audiences alike.

Speaking at events – whether in-person or virtually – shows you are a thought leader. Speaking gives you credibility, can help you grow your business, find new employees (or be recruited yourself), expand your industry contacts, result in media coverage, and provide a platform for your compelling content. In this blog series we will be sharing excerpts from our recent eBook “7 Tips to Land Your Dream Speaking Gig”.

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