How To Land Your Dream Speaking Gig Tip #6: Invest in Your Content


As charismatic as you are, without quality graphics and compelling visuals you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle for your audience’s attention.

Too often we see a fresh and unique viewpoint diluted on-stage due to a lack of quality presentation materials. It doesn’t take a professional designer to make the difference; additional effort such as using high-quality stock photos/visuals and limiting on-slide text can make a world of difference.

Speaking at events – whether in-person or virtually – shows you are a thought leader. Speaking gives you credibility, can help you grow your business, find new employees (or be recruited yourself), expand your industry contacts, result in media coverage, and provide a platform for your compelling content. In this blog series we will be sharing excerpts from our recent eBook “7 Tips to Land Your Dream Speaking Gig”.

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