How To Land Your Dream Speaking Gig Tip #7: Great Delivery


Here’s a secret: Nobody was born a knockout speaker. It took having a real reason to show up, practice, and train to deliver a presentation that kept the audience engaged, enthusiastic and off their smartphones. As you prepare to take your personal brand on stage or in a virtual event, make sure to challenge yourself to become comfortable speaking to large audiences. This can be as small as picking up extra shifts as presenter at “lunch and learns” or having a coworker record you presenting and give you feedback. Or go one step further and hire a pro to give you feedback and direction.

Remix partner Whitney Greer helps our speakers with delivery tips such as “Your audience isn’t judging your performance. They’re wondering what you want them to do with the information. So, tell them.”

As your platform grows and audiences become larger, there’s no substitute for a speaking coach to bring your presentation skills to their true potential.

Speaking at events – whether in-person or virtually – shows you are a thought leader. Speaking gives you credibility, can help you grow your business, find new employees (or be recruited yourself), expand your industry contacts, result in media coverage, and provide a platform for your compelling content. In this blog series we will be sharing excerpts from our recent eBook “7 Tips to Land Your Dream Speaking Gig”.

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