Want to be a Great Podcast Guest? Tips From a Top Podcaster!


Like so many people, we’ve been listening to our share of podcasts over the past year. In fact 55% of the US population has listened to a podcast. One of the great things about podcasts is that you can multitask while listening and it’s an easy way to catch up on a certain subject, be entertained or learn something new. We love how podcasts can push the boundaries of thinking around different subjects with top experts weighing in with their thoughts.

We recently spoke with Heather Stone, the host of the Mentors and Moguls podcast, to hear her wisdom around podcasting trends – and to score some tips for how to be the best podcast guest possible!

Q: How do you choose your podcast guests? 

I take a number of things into consideration. First I look at the guests background to determine if the guest’s story offers relevance to my chosen topic and if they will be relatable to my target audience.

Q: What qualities make the very best podcast guest?

Someone who thinks quickly on their feet and delivers high-energy responses and can share advice through short examples.

Q: Have you ever had a podcast guest that didn’t work out? If so, why? 

Yes! Lack of focus, preparation and the guest found it difficult to get to the point.

Q: What makes an interview in podcasting different than in person?

Podcast interviews can be less intimidating for some guests if they are not used to the in-person interview format.  It allows them to speak more freely because they are usually in a comfortable setting which creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

Q: Any new trends in podcasts that you’re seeing?

I see podcasts branching into education as another tool for guest speakers to deliver lectures and custom content for courses in both the corporate and the educational arenas.

Q: What are you currently listening to?

I listen to many podcasts that deliver thought-provoking conversations between business and thought leaders about business.

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*Source PodcastHosting.org


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